English Lateracy-Year 4-Round 1

So in my English literacy, this year and this round were very fun and we have learned a lot of things in class, we were doing, a lot of discussion team working and more stuff. But this round we’re more likely to be focusing on refugee, we been studying about refugee and Vietnamese and many other countries after learning a lot of that thing we each had written one poem by themself, most of poems were really good, and this is what I did so far.


Hi! My name is Aekyuh.

I was born in Afghanistan in the country full of war.

We live in Kandahar, a 

village in Afghanistan in the south of the country.

I have 21 older brothers his name is Kan.


My house is not very beautiful but not bad as well.

There Are armys around our house to cover and protect sunlight.

In one of those I have grown it by myself that 

it was inspired by my mom to do it.

The coconut tree is my favorite fruit.

I love the sweet of it meat and water.


Every year that my coconut is grown once, 

when I want to eat the coconut Brother Kan  always climb

 the coconut tree and grab some coconut f and we would enjoy

It is our family.


Brother Kan is a person who likes to hide and climb, 

every morning I wake up I have to go and find my shoes,

If I can’t find it he will show where it is 

but I have a huge him before he goes to school.


Now I’m 8 I’m studying in grade 2 the school 

It is about 1 kilometer far from my home.

The school starts from 8:00 to 11:30.

After brother Kan end class he would come 

and take me from school as we finish school 

at the same time.


As living in a peaceful family but now war getting bigger and bigger

Between my country and

Turkmenistan As my family hear 

a lot from the government that  our country is now

 needed more men to be a soldier so we can help the country to the agent as

Now the other country is really strong.


2 weeks latter government send a truck to collect 

man in the family to train and intent the war

My father is one of those.


For this 2 mount, I and my brothers

 stop going to school as 

War is bothering us. 


For this 2 month, we haven’t seen our father again

And we got a message from him at night says

“ Dear Ashe And My Lovely Child As I Have Train For 2 Month,

Now I Have To Go and Join War To Fight And Help our Country, 

I’ll Be Back Soon After War End, Scene This Is The Last

 And Biggest War That Lasts for 3 Month”. 

After reading, everyone froze and sit still, 

A few second letters my mom tells us to go and sleep.


Morning comes as simple I and my Brother 

don’t go to school and war is happening.

2 or 3weeks  no one in the family would 

talk about father again and we don’t know 

What had happened to him yet, everyone

 hoped he would come home As soon as possible.


Now today is the 10th day of the 2 weeks biggest war, the 

Turkmenistan has taken over Kubal the capital city in the

 middle of the country, our province is a border with the city,

It’s is now over, I can’t hear anything escape people are running and screaming! “Competitor, Competitor”.

I don’t know what position I am in, I can only see my mother sitting and my brothers stand around there and their body full of blood my mom crying and say Eakyuh, Eakyuh wakes up. 

Nothing more I can hear, my eyes were closed.


The End


Multimedia Storytelling


In Multimedia storytelling we are learning about how to tell the story to people by difference type of way such as telling by describing the picture, tell a story by emotion, telling story b the way you are acting and telling story places. We all have done on part of the storytelling which is telling a story by describing the picture and telling the story by places, this means that we have to have 2 pictures from the past and now to describe the place before and now, to see how it has changed, how fast can thing be developing and also to know how our country has changed. This is what I have been doing and trying to make,



I can see the development between before and now very clearly cause before there is not a lot of oof building and also they have made around from the coastal area to the island that is in the ocean, I can see they are now still making  some development the Island cause the round on the island look new and whit so I can say that it is in developing.

How I Change Cambodia !!


                 So to start my introduction, I want to say that I have been having a 7-week project about plastic, plastics have been used by humans in their daily life. People may feel comfortable using it by forgetting the bad effects of plastic. Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic reaches the oceans, the equivalence of a full garbage truck every minute (Jambeck et al, Science, 2015), the site from The Phnom Penh Post(publication date 07 June 2018). As we can see the huge amount of this which causes a lot of harmful, people should use less plastic as much as possible since it has polluted the world. To me, plastic shout not be used more in the world. I have been learning a lot about how plastic affects human, so by learning with this important thing I can change my own country by learning and try to help my own country by me and all other people that want to change our county.

To explain more about my project I can say that it was a really hard-working and trying hard to get to this project, while I’m learning my project about plastic I have started to use less plastic as much as I could some days I didn’t even use any plastic and in a week I can say that I have used at least 3 plastic, Plastic is a very helpful thing to use and it also waterproof but why don’t I use it, Because I have learned all these things about how plastic affects humans, environment, and the world so I had started my habit to use less plastic as I could. To get to know more about plastic I want to give you all about 3 important information about plastic, the first one is Water and land, second is Animals, and last but not least is human health. So let’s start with the first one.

Water and land: Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic reaches the oceans, the equivalence of a full garbage truck every minute (Jambeck et al, Science, 2015). This shows that plastic is polluting our water because it entering the water bodies not only the oceans but also the river too. Even though the water has been being recycling, the water still has the chemical of plastic in there. So when we consume this water, it may cause disease, skin problem and sickness. More than that It gives a bad effect on the land while a large amount of plastic waste is dumped in landfills. For example: in Cambodia, the trash fill takes a lot of space. Trashes have been put at Steung Meanchey, one community in Phnom Penh city. So now a day they don’t have enough space to put it and need to find another place to put those trashes. These wasted a lot. Plastic releases chemical to the soil that makes the soil’s quality become bad. When we grow to plan the quality of the plan is not good too and the less productivity we have. Everyday life plastic can have more harmful and effective all our environment, humans and the world with all of those beautiful animals that are live on earth.

Animals: Animals need water and food to survive. If food and water are polluted, animals will not have a long life. From the pictures, you can see Pollution waste and some animals are finding food around plastic in this area. So do you think animals can confuse their food with trash? Of course, it is yes. Animals can easily confuse their food with trash and eat those trash and plastic into their stomach. The plastic inside their body will sticky with their intestine and also can choke them to death. Moreover plastic may cause diseases to animals and maybe threatening to animal life. It also makes the risk to harm some near extinction animals in both on land and in the water which is the main problem that the world never wants to see it. Last but not least,

Human health: Health care is important for humans to live a long life. So if we use a lot more plastic we won’t have good health because as we can know every people in the world are using a lot of plastic and throw away in the water, and water is also apart of humans health and if we drink the water that is not clean or bad we may get some disease that can cause our skin to be hurt or it can also cause our life. Not only the water that we drink but it also the air that we breathe in and out. So as I mentioned that there are people around the world that have used plastic and throw away in the water and also on the land and when chemicals in the plastic spread out in the air it can make the air bad and not fresh for us to breathe in and out it also can cause our heart and our self to have to suffocate too also not human can have disease or bad health animal can also have it too when people use a lot of plastic and throw it on the land and in the water so when animals that live on the land or in the water confuse their food with trash so they eat plastic and they may get some disease from that plastic, and after that humans eat animals and they also may get some disease from the animal and the plastic too.

Finally, I want to say that plastics have been used by humans in their daily life. People may feel comfortable using it by forgetting the bad effects of plastic. Each year, eight million tonnes of plastic reaches the oceans, the equivalence of a full garbage truck every minute. but now from what I have been learning and understanding about how plastics affect humans I have taken my knowledge to teach and tell my people village not to use lots of plastic when they are buying stuff, also from the beginning until now I can see a lot of changes with my village than before cause before people are using a lot of plastic, mostly kids but now they use less than before because I have taught them and convince them not to use a lot of plastic. This is how I had to change my country!


My own personal learning



កម្ពុជាស្រស់ស្អាត​​​                              ប្រទេសឆើយឆាត                                  ស្អាតល្អទាំងអស់       ​​


ប្រជាជនមាន​                                     ចិត្តស្អាតល្អស្មស់​                                     ស្អាតល្អទាំងអស់




ពីមុនដីធំ                                              ដោយសារស្រីក្រមុំ                                 ដីធំបាត់អស់


ធ្វើកម្មបានផល                                ខំប្រឹងរលាស់                                           ឲភ្លើរអស់ទាស់



ពីមុនមានអី                                    យើងមានថ្វៃដៃ                                       មានគោមានក្របី


វត្តចាសាលារៀន                                 យើងមានមិនថ្វី                                    ទាស់មួយរឿងស្រី




ធ្លាប់មានមកក្រី                                 អូរអរមកស្អាត                                        យើងត្រេូវបានបាត់


បានស្ងាតសូន្យឈឹង                              ព្រោះការស្រវឹង                                    ស្រីយូន–យើងខាត់



                                                        ជួយខ្មែរឲ្យស្អាត ឲ្យល្អជាងមុន


Math Round 5


                 SO in my round 5 class, I have learned a lot of amazing stuff that related to math, I had learned about Integers and Negative Numbers, speed, Integers, and negative numbers, Coordinate Graphs, and there is more cool stuff that we had learning about also it was wonderful and I feel really comfortable to learning all of those lessons. I would like to pink a lesson that I’m really like to explain to you’ll that is speed Speed is defined as DISTANCE per TIME. It is a special type of rate that tells us how ‘fast’ something is going. We see it written like this: km/hr, mph, m/s, also there are some practice and example about speed to let you’ll try if you want to try.

Car traveled











Multimidia/Technology Round 5

              Hi again my name is Pisal as you all can know that, right? All so you all can know that im my Multimedia class I have learn a lots of thing but one thing that i’m working on is that i’m editing a video about Liger in premiere pro, I want to edit it because I’m not really good at editing video and I’m also not good at adding a soundtrack and cutting video down into the important part like that. When I’m editing my video I have started to learn how to add soundtrack in the right way I learn how to add context I have learn how to cut the video also have learned more stuff so these are the things that I have to learn from the premier pro. While I’m editing my video I have face some of the difficulties like making the video to have good quality and to make the video to have a big frame, and I’m trying to find out how to do it but I did find how can I do it so I just left the way it is. Overall I have a lot of experience with premiere pro and I also learn a lot of things too, I really enjoy with my video editing project.



Lateracy Round 5

English Literacy


So in my round 5 English literacy class, I was so happy to learn everything I have throw, we have been doing a lot of things in and outside class like I have been doing HICC, Latin Root or Affix of the Week, Word of the Week, Sentence of the Week, Quote of the Week, Newsela Reading Skill Check #1 we also have been doing lots of things more than I mention, but one thing I approximating like is that Newsela Reading, I like reading new seal because when I read I feel comfortable and after I read I have to take the quiz and that was really helpful and fun for me, but one of my big things is that I’m not really good and reading at all, but I’m still like and love to read more thing so I can improve my reading skill, moreover than that I can make my pronunciation better and I can learn a lots of more new words from my reading too.

I regiment you guy to read more books because the more you read the more you know.

Stem Round 5


Haa! Stem class, it was a really tired and experience from stem class this round, I have learned about Newton laws Of Motion, and Newton laws of motion have three laws in there, the first Newton laws can also call as inertia and it is about Force and Motion. Newton’s first law of motion states that an object’s motion will not change unless an unbalanced force acts on the object. If the object is at rest, it will stay at rest. If the object is in motion, it will stay in motion. Inertia is the tendency of an object to resist a change in its motion. The inertia of an object depends on its mass. Objects with greater mass have greater inertia. To overcome inertia, an unbalanced force must be applied to an object. The second-newton laws of Motion are about Acceleration, Force, and Mass. Newton’s second law of motion states that the acceleration of an object equals the net force acting on the object divided by the object’s mass. Weight is a measure of the force of gravity pulling on an object of a given mass. It equals the mass of the object (in kilograms) times the acceleration due to gravity (9.8 m/s2). The third Newton laws of motion are about Action and Reaction. Newton’s third law of motion states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Momentum is a property of a moving object that makes it hard to stop. It equals the object’s mass times its velocity. When action and reaction occur, momentum may be transferred from one object to another, but their combined momentum remains the same. This is the law of conservation of momentum. Moreover, then Newton’s laws, we have learned about Fluid Forces and Work and Machines. Finally, we had an opportunity to do an experiment about Fluid Force with eggs and glass bottles here you can take a look!

Multimedia Round 4


As you all know that last term we were learning about Python, and that was very fun for me but it’s also a little bit hard to learn too. So this term we were also studying about Python again but it was the difference category of Python, and this term we learn about Dictionaries and Dictionary length, not only this we also learn more a lot of thing too but this is what i want to tell you all about. Also in our class we always have homework 1 for a week that  to long cause the homework also to hard, and that homework is about Python code here you can look at it and test it https://trinket.io/python/d4b47ec9ad this is the homework about turtle racing, and it is not only one but there are more of them that I did like I mention that we one homework for a week .

Stem Round 4



So my round 4 exploration I have Engineering with the teacher name Jacob, and been working on this project for 7 weeks to studying watcher how engineering are work, also there are many type of engineering that we have studying and we know about there are Civil engineering, Chemical,Electrical/electronics,Mechanical,management engineering and there are more engineering type that we have learn. We also have learn what are important about engineering, and one thing we know very well is that engineering people are for solving the problem that people have with there building structure. More than that we had know that be for design thing or made thing we need to think about what the people will need so when we build people will buy our product, but when we make our product, we can’t just sell it cause we didn’t really know that does our product is working not or does our product woking well so we have to destroy our first prototype to know does our prototype work or not and we can find the problem why it does not work and after we find problem we can make it again and it could be stronger and better than first time.


I also had make some of my product too, I my team name it a wheeler.


Essential Round 4

We been learn about (How do we get happiness) we been learning, reading, watching video and do a lot of thing to study about how do we get happiness and also we been learning about Can money buy happiness.  We been learn and question Can money buy happiness and form my own opinion I think money can buy happiness if you spend that money in the right way. Also most people in the world everyday they are working for there’re family they work for money so if they get height incoming that can have money to help there family and they can also be happy to but the thing that they need everyday life. Mover over than studying about happiness we were also learn about the poem, we learn how to read how to understand how to write poem, and I also had made some people too but it does look really good and it does not have much meaning in it to.




Death is like the wind alway be try hard, so let be smart do what other will not, and if your life have not change mean you fail, fail is not only today it could maybe tomorrow so do thing you need to do before it too late and also be try hard, and try hard not only today you could alway try hard tomorrow so don’t fail again, fail doesn’t define anyone, but if you want try to vest your time, and if you fail don’t don’t be cream and don’t just make dream, you have to do it.


Khmer Essential


Khmer Round 4

                      So my round 4 Khmer essential I have been learning a lot of thing that related to Cambodia history, we been learn how to make poem, we been learn about khmer grammar, we are also learning about Cambodian land from the past until now. So as you know that I been learning all those and more thing that I learn and one thing I want to tell everyone is that every class you learn (The more you read the more you can know thing better) so I also been reading a lot of Khmer book and stuff like that, but one thing I like to study about in Khmer class is learning about Cambodian History, and I have some imformaiton that related to that too here you can check it out https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1CF4IfVwuRWOAoCKBf0okshu2Jc1aE_u6I0UkRhyD8iA/edit#slide=id.g527b28c8b7_2_96

And if you have any question about what i’m learn everyday you can also ask me be comment!

Math Round 4

                 In my math class I been learn math with a lot of things as some of you all did that too, in math we have learned , Fraction, Angle, Estimation, Percentage and more staff as you all know that, but now in my math round 4 we been learning a lot of stuff but one thing I like to learn more about is Angle, Angle is very interested for me and also it kind of hard to learn in some part and it also kind of easy to study to, but i’m still like it, I enjoy learn with Angle very much, and as I know that when we study about angle we have 4 rule one is Complementary angles, vertically opposite angles, and supplementary angle, the other rule is just in general so I don’t talk about it.

If you have any question please ask me by commenting!



So in my stem class round 4 we have learn a lots of think but, one think that we learn and I really interested is, motion we learn motion and we try to do a lots of stuff that related to motion, and I can give you some more information that related to motion, so motion we learn about how fast thing can go, and we learn that how much time that we use to to drive from one destination to the other destination, more than what we learn we also has make one small car each in a small group wich that car make from a battles, battles caps, straws and balloon, After we make that car, every group have to come together and race that car to see how fast it go and how much time does it spend to take from one destination to the others. Yeah, we also learn a lot of thing more but motion is what I really like and I chose to speak about it.