Multimedia Storytelling

In Multimedia storytelling we are learning about how to tell the story to people by different types of ways such as telling by describing the picture, tell a story by emotion, telling story b the way you are acting, and telling story places. We all have done on part of the storytelling which is telling a story by describing the picture and telling the story by places, this means that we have to have 2 pictures from the past and now to describe the place before and now, to see how it has changed, how fast can a thing be developing and also know how our country has changed. This is what I have been doing and trying to make,


I can see the development between before and now very clearly cause before there is not a lot of oof building and also they have made around from the coastal area to the island that is in the ocean, I can see they are now still making  some development the Island cause the round on the island look new and whit so I can say that it is in developing.

Multimidia/Technology Round 5

This round 5 in my Multimedia class I have learned a lot of things but one thing that I’m working on is that I’m editing a video about Liger in premiere pro, I want to edit it because I’m not really good at editing video and I’m also not good at adding a soundtrack and cutting video down into the important part like that. When I’m editing my video I have started to learn how to add soundtrack in the right way I learn how to add context I have to learn how to cut the video also have learned more stuff so these are the things that I have to learn from the premier pro. While I’m editing my video I have face some of the difficulties like making the video to have good quality and to make the video to have a big frame, and I’m trying to find out how to do it but I did find how can I do it so I just left the way it is. Overall I have a lot of experience with premiere pro and I also learn a lot of things too, I really enjoy my video editing project.

Multimedia Round 4


As you all know that last term we were learning about Python, and that was very fun for me but it’s also a little bit hard to learn too. So this term we were also studying about Python again but it was the difference category of Python, and this term we learn about Dictionaries and Dictionary length, not only this we also learn more a lot of thing too but this is what i want to tell you all about. Also in our class we always have homework 1 for a week that  to long cause the homework also to hard, and that homework is about Python code here you can look at it and test it this is the homework about turtle racing, and it is not only one but there are more of them that I did like I mention that we one homework for a week .

Multimedia/Technolog 3


So in my round 3 with my Multimedia/Technology we have learn a lot of thing in our class but one main thing that we are focusing on now is Code, and we have a lot of difference code but we’re only focusing really hard on Python, and Python also have many difference subject in that Python too, some EX: If statement,Elif statement, while loop and for loop this are some of subject in Python that we have study also there more thing that we have did in our class. We have Python homework to grade us which we all will do that homework and we will know more about that Code when we finish our homework.

Multimedia/Technology 2


In my Multimedia and Technology class we had studied about the website with the primary source and the secondary source and I also hope that you Know this before too. Instead of Secondary source and primary source we have studied about the camera how to take pictures in the right ISO right shutter speed right aperture and the right Exposure so if we can make all this right the photo will look great and cool also when we taking picture we have to look for place or space to take if there is to much light so we can’t really take pictures so we have to change something in the setting of the camera. Also, we have learned how to take the picture with headroom rule of third and more stuff that related to taking the picture to make the picture look nice.

Multimedia/Technology 1


In the class we were learning about Computer science and also related to math to and more thing. Becide Computer science  we also learn how to edit phots in the Photo Shop , Indesign , Light Room cc, and more also we have Edit some of the picture or photo but Editing is not really easy for me it’s very hard!.  Also we have the topic that we want to do about with the asking question that related to that topic everyone in class can have one topic so i chose FOODS I also had the picture that i edit to but not really good because I’m not really good at editing.