Khmer Essential

In my khmer class we were try to study about the movie that show us how to respect people and and how to make to thing to people and so how to be a good student and one thing i like is that i want to watch the movies that show me the great thing and the bed thing so than i can compare which I chose to and which I don’t want. Also other thing that we were try to study is that to find the book and also show us how to respect the people and we have read so many books already in my khmer class and It’s was fun also when i read i can also know khmer new word and try to  know the definition of it to In my school every we were study about khmer and English so what i said is that Khmer is important than English and and khmer is also harder than English to.

Teacher Sokha Cambodia Teacher Khme

The book we hav

e read and there also more and more books that we have read but I only give the example of this one becasue this book give a lot respect to people.


​​​           ថ្នាក់​ ភាសារខ្មែរ

នៅក្នុងថ្នាក់​ ភាសារខ្មែរពួកយើងកំុំពុងតែសិក្សាអំពីរឿងដែលជាវីដែអូហើយបានបញ្ជាក់ឬអប់់រំឲយើងធ្វើអ្វីដែលត្រឹមត្រូវហើយមិនត្រឺមតែប៉ុណ្ណោះនៅក្នុងរឿងដែលយើងមើល វាកបានប្រាប់យើងក្នុងការគោរពមនុស្សផ្សេងទៀតតែហើយក្នុងចំណោមរឿងទាំងអស់អ្វីដែលខ្ញុំចូលចិត្តនៅគឺ








Hi I hope you all know that I’m Pisal 14 years old studying in Liger leadership academy. So in my math class I were studying about math wich we doing about + – * we also studying about fraction and fraction is the one of the bed subject for me cause I’m not really good ad fraction and I always try to study more with fraction in my class with my friends. Also we were study about shape , area and square ,rectangle, triangle perimeter geometry parallelogram and more of stuff that related to math just like Algebra I also have one fact about Algebra is that there so many students that are my friend they don’t really know how to do Algebra include me to I don’t know to do it but what I do I ask my teacher and my friend that they know how to do it. And now in this third years I have something to do which is and is doing about math and if you want to know you can try it than you can know how fun is it Thank you for reading.

Teacher sam U.S.A Math Teacher.




All you all you that in my stem class we were studying about the natural of the earth and everything ale but now we’re trying to study about element and when element make or place how element form and or can element share the electron together.  Also we were try to find our that what are the thing that make gold make silver or metal and other thing . Element and from together such as we call it Alloy I hope you know that alloy is but i’m gonna explain what alloy is alloy is the mixture of metal and metal or non metal and metal but it can be non metal and non meat and as you know the alloy is the thing that use to make from metal and metal or non metal and metal so it’s nearly everything around us that are alloy and you can remember that  alloy can be rusted if some thing that make from metal and it not rusted it must no alloy . So there more thing that we have learned but this what I tell to to know about and Thank You I Hope You Enjoy Reading.


Multimedia/Technology 1


In the class we were learning about Computer science and also related to math to and more thing. Becide Computer science  we also learn how to edit phots in the Photo Shop , Indesign , Light Room cc, and more also we have Edit some of the picture or photo but Editing is not really easy for me it’s very hard!.  Also we have the topic that we want to do about with the asking question that related to that topic everyone in class can have one topic so i chose FOODS I also had the picture that i edit to but not really good because I’m not really good at editing.

No Single-Use Plastic

No single-use plastic


No single use of plastic is the one of my favorite Exploration in my school Liger. So No single use plastic is basically mean that My Exploration is wanted the people to stop using the single use of plastic Ex: like plastic straws , plastic bags and there are a lot  more of single use plastic. With all the single use plastic in the world there so many of them so our exploration was wanted to focus on single use bags , straws and sugar can cups that what we were focus on really hard to convince people to stop using it every day. So to convince people to use something that they never use is hard as you know so our problem is that it’s really hard to convince people to stop using single use of plastic and we also having the problem with the solution to find the thing instead of the single use of plastic like Metal straws is the the straws to use instead of plastic straws and there are more thing that can use instead of single use plastic. In our exploration we also went on trip to find the reusable stuff  to use instead of plastic and interviews people to get more information about the thing that we want to have and giving out to people in our school call Liger to use instead of plastic.


                                                   No To Single Use Of Plastics












Math Round 1

Math Learning

In my math class I learn math yes as you all do that . Also we were learning about the math like Comment factor Comment multiplies Fraction rounded number and  that what we learn in math class and we also have a workbook which is Math workbook 5A to do homework that the teacher told us to do like Fraction is the homework so i have to finish it in the do date if no I won’t get full score of it I just get half score and I still have to finish the homework . Also we work in class to study math together about other thing that are related in math and we also have to study Math in there and there also so many work to do there to and more thing.

Samady : Teacher  From U.S.A Math Teaching.

This is my Math workbook 5A.


S.T.E.M Class

In this term I was studying about the Physical Science . Physical science divided into 2 part one is Physical Property So what is Physical Property , Physical Property mean that the thing that we can touch , fell, color,texture and Physical science is when the glass break and it steal glass. Other one is Chemical Property , Chemical Property is the thing that we can not taught the thing that is born and when the physical property react and it will change it’s not gonna be the same Example: like the fire boun the wood so after it bourn it not wood any more soit is Chemical property. And we also study about Atom . Proton , Neutron, Nucleus and more . Space is what we also learn to and last but not less what is Science , Science is the study of the natural work that base on Logic and evidence.

S.T.E.M Teacher Da Cambodian

And there is more thing that we have studies.

Khmer Round 1

Khmer Class Literacy

In my Khmer class we were learned about Khmer history and what happening  right now in Cambodia . With Khmer history we have learn about the history of kings and the history of the country land and I also get a lot of information from the history too, and as you  know some of Khmer history kings dom or Khmer People they were really big and they were also strong and good and fighting in war. After the Khmer history I learn how to write Essay and I also learn how to write the fiction story about the nature of the country . One of my best thing in Khmer class was to learn how to make or write The poem and i really interested in it and I also made some Poem to. I also have learn more thing in Khmer class that better than this.

                          កំណាព្យ ភុជង្គលីលា

៧០ក្នុងមួយជីវិត​​​​      ​​ ​ ​ អ្នកត្រូវពិនិត្យ​            ​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​  ត្រូវគិតឲ្យច្បាស់។

អ្នកខ្លះខំប្រឹងខំណាស់​​​       ​​ អ្នកគិតមិនជ្រះ​     ​ ​ជួយណាស់ក្តីទុក្ខ។

សីលធម៌ក៏លែងស្គាល់សុខ ​​    ​​​ ស្គាល់តែក្តីទុក្ខ                  ដែលសុខមិនកាន់។

ក្តីទុក្ខក៏មកប្រចាំ​             មកតាមចងកម្ម​​   ចង់កែកំហុស។

ស្រលាញ់បងប្អូនស្រីប្រុស           ទោះមានកំហុស កែ ខុសត្រូវទៀត។

ថ្ងៃមួយនិងមានមាយាទ              លែងធ្វើខុសទៀត ខ្លាចឃ្លាតមិនសាក។

មិនឈឺតែ​ត្រូវសម្រាក                 បើមិនមានប្រាក់ ​ ក៏ស្កប់ស្កល់បាន។

ការជួយចិត្តល្អទាំងប្រាណ​​          ទាំងការកម្សាន្ត  ជួយកើនក្តីសុខ។

ជាតិនេះបើកើតជាកុក                 ត្រូវស្គាល់ក្តីសុខ ​      កុំកុកជាកម្ម។

កុំធ្វើអាក្រក់ដល់សាំ                    ត្រូវតែស្គាល់កម្ម ​ កុំខាំក្តីទុក្ខ។

ហើយអ្នកត្រូវស្គាល់ក្តីសុខ           ត្រូវស្គាល់ក្តីទុក្ខ​​​​               មិនសុខក៏កម្ម។

ត្រូវធ្វើអាក្រក់ដលសាំ       ​​​ ​ ព្រោះអ្នកមានកម្ម​​​​​​                       ​ ត្រូវចាំយកទុក្ខ។


                               កំណាព្យ ភុជង្គលីលា

មែ៉ឲ្យទៅរៀនសិក្រ្សា     ​ កូនខំជូកម៉ា​​​​​            ​ ​ សាលាមិនចូល ​​​

ឪត្រូវគេឌៀលត្រកូល             ឲកូនកំពូល ​​​ កូនឈ្មោលតេរច្ឆាន

ក្នុងផ្ទុះមានឆ្នាំមានចាន​​​            កូនឈ្មោលក៏បាន កំម្សាន្តម៉ាអស់

ម៉ែឪដែលអ្នកនៅរស់               កូនឈ្មោលកម្លោះ ​​​​   កូនប្រស់គាត់ទៅ

បើកូនក៏មិិនស្គាល់ផ្លូវ              ​ កូនប្រុសលោកត្រូវ ​ បម្រូវខ្លួនអែង

កុំដើរនៅមួយកន្លែង                 កូនត្រូវប្រឹងប្រែង បំលែងខ្លូនខំ

មិត្តភក្តិហើយនិងអញធំ        ​​ ហើយនិងមីនុង   កុំផ្គុង់វានៅ

កុំធ្វើរៀឺងដែលអស្រូវ                កូនប្រុសរកផ្លូវ ​រកត្រូវឲ្យឃើញ

មិនយូរម៉ែក៏អញ្ជើញ                  កូនមើលមិនឃើញ ម៉ែអញ្ជើញទៅហើយ

ឲលោកកូនប្រុសត្រាណត្រើយ     ឲកូនលោកអើយ ​ កូនកើយដេកទៅ

ធ្វើការឲ្យដល់យប់ជ្រៅ                កូនប្រុសលោកត្រូវ រកផ្លូវចូលដេក

ម៉ែឪក៏ទៅលើមេឃ                    ម៉ែទៅដំណេក​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​           ទៅដេកលែងមក

កូនត្រូវរកលោក                        កុំគោកយោបល កម្មពារកុំខ្វល់

បើចណេះលោកកូនសល់           កូនលោកកុំខ្វល់ កុសលនិងជួយ


                                     ​​​ បទពាក្យ៨

ម៉ែឪធ្វើការដើម្បីលោកកូន​                                        ម៉ែធ្វើជឺខ្លូនជូនកូនចរណៃ

ម៉ែខំធ្វើការទាំងយប់ទាំងថ្ងៃ                                    ​ ​ ព្រោះកូនប្រុសស្រីអ្វីក៏ម៉ែធ្វើ។

ញើសក៏បានធ្លាក់ទឹកភ្នែកក៏ស្រក់                              ដូចទឹកដណក់ស្រក់មកពីលើ

ម៉ែឪគាត់ចេះខំធ្វើមិនភ្លើ                                         ឲកូនលោកល្ងើកុំសឺសង្សារ។

ម៉ែឪខំធ្វើឡើងដាច់មរណ                                         ​​​​ កូនអ្នកខំមានសហាយសហារ

កូនប្រុសស្រីបានស្តីឡើយអស្ចារ្យ                          ​​​​ កូនអ្នកស្តីថាម៉ាជាម៉ែឪ។

English Literacy Round 1

English Literacy 

In English Literacy we were studying about the reading studying about new words and we als having a test on every monday for our class which is  Homework parket .  Home work parket test can let us know more English words and the definition of it and they all great words and it all the words that I never know before so after I can know all of that words I can use that words to make a sentence or I can use that words to speak with the people also. Not only this  In home work parket can also let us know more about the synonym and the antonym of the word so In my English Literacy class is the one of my favorite that I like to study and it make me get more knowledge and more information.

Teach: Hannah U.S English Literacy Teacher.

How I Change Cambodia

How do I change Cambodia??  The way that I help to change my   country to be better. First I will do what I can do like studying to be better like everyday that I am studying in my school  liger in Phnom Penh my school is teaching English , I had known a lot of thing from my school like how to communicate with people how to be the leader how to be a great student how to help people, that all kind of stuff can help me to change my own country and it has more thing to that can change my country very well. In my second year I have my own exploration that I did and it also helps to change my country to like they are Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurship help me to have my own business help me to change people like because Entrepreneurship is mean to make our own business so I had created something to sell to  the people it can change our country buy doing stuff to get money. I also have another of my exploration to that is Geography in cambodia and i had went to six provinces in Cambodia they are Kampong Chhnang, Kampong Speu , Batambong , Pillain, Benteamenachey and Pursat that all the provinces that had went there. One of the province that is my favorite province is Kampong speu province because Kampong speu province is the province that have some big cave and hide with a lot of cave that why i like it. Geography is the one of the exploration that i like because i make me to think that it help me to change Cambodia because went i went to all this six Province i had interview a lot of people i had help some chil to learn i had do a lot of stuff like take the thrush of the ground when i do that it make other people to think that i am good so they do what i do like to clean ther ground on  the road without telling from someone so they will do the same me and it start to change and change. I had know a lot of thing a lot of stuff in Cambodia that i never know before too like some Province has hide the mountain with a lot of cave in there to some province have hot spring it is the thing that i had never before to. When i can know a lot of stuff like this i can take it to teach my brother to teach my old friends to teach other people ale that can help to change the country. If i want to change my country it start from me i have to know thing i have to learn i have to study to if i know all this thing i can have or take what i know to teach other people from one people t one people from a lot of people to more a lot of people so i can change my country be teaching form one person to other people. Studying learn teaching from a lot of people to more people or working doing thing that can change your country or our country to and if we can also change the world to if we keep doing this.