Engineering=Problem solving


                       So my round 4 exploration I have Engineered with the teacher name Jakub, and been working on this project for 7 weeks to studying watcher how engineering is work, also there are many types of engineering that we have studying and we know about there are Civil engineering, Chemical, Electrical/electronics, Mechanical, management engineering and there are more engineering type that we have learned. We also have learned what is important about engineering, and one thing we know very well is that engineering people are for solving the problem that people have with there building the structure. More than that we had known that be for design thing or made thing we need to think about what the people will need so when we build people will buy our product, but when we make our product, we can’t just sell it cause we didn’t really know what does our product is working not or does our product working well so we have to destroy our first prototype to know does our prototype work or not and we can find the problem why it does not work and after we find problem we can make it again and it could be stronger and better than first time.

I also had to make some of my products too, my team names it a wheeler.

No Single-Use Plastic

No single-use plastic


No single use of plastic is the one of my favorite Exploration in my school Liger. So No single use plastic is basically mean that My Exploration is wanted the people to stop using the single use of plastic Ex: like plastic straws , plastic bags and there are a lot  more of single use plastic. With all the single use plastic in the world there so many of them so our exploration was wanted to focus on single use bags , straws and sugar can cups that what we were focus on really hard to convince people to stop using it every day. So to convince people to use something that they never use is hard as you know so our problem is that it’s really hard to convince people to stop using single use of plastic and we also having the problem with the solution to find the thing instead of the single use of plastic like Metal straws is the the straws to use instead of plastic straws and there are more thing that can use instead of single use plastic. In our exploration we also went on trip to find the reusable stuff  to use instead of plastic and interviews people to get more information about the thing that we want to have and giving out to people in our school call Liger to use instead of plastic.


                                                   No To Single Use Of Plastics