Indigenous people in cambodai



So my third year at liger leadership academy  I had an exploration which call indigenous people in Cambodia , in our exploration we were trying to go on trip and find different indigenous people group to interview them about their daily life there job and all information that we got we will create a book and we will put in that book but now November 14, 2018, we still work on the book and our book will include all the information about all 5 of indigenous people group. Also in Cambodia country there so many different kinds of indigenous people group so we decide to interview with only 5 of indigenous people group which are Tumpuan , Souy , Kachok , Jarai , and Kreung as you know that we had interview them and so now I can tell you some of the information that I got All 5 indigenous people group they have their own spoken language they have their own traditional dance they have their own traditional clothes and their own traditional music to dance what I had told you are the information I got and I also have gotten a lot of more information about them. Since now we were working on the book but after we have worked on the book and it has done we will make a copy and sell the books to Cambodia students or Cambodia kids to know more about indigenous people because it’s important for our kids to know it and learn more about them and also help them to improve language that they were spoken and also we can tell them to teach their language to other students in Cambodia to let Cambodia know about that language because every day I’m very careful that there will someday that indigenous spoken language will be disappear. It’s good for you to learn about other people and like indigenous people.


Learn By Looking At Someone.

Knowing Thing By Doing And Listening.

Study Smart By Doing Hard and Try New Things.


Teacher Bunthan Un Cambodia people teach students in liger leadership academy.