Out Door Leader Ship

Photos Essay

                                                         3 Photos Essay Question

  • How have I change ?
  • How am I a outdoor / What out door mean to me?
  • How can I share what I’ve learned to change cambodia?

I have change how to survive in the forest, I have learn how to live together and make teamwork to do something, I have change from having less help to people to have more help to people to stuff, I also changed from not understanding what outdoor before but now I know after I went back from the trip.


  • What outdoor mean to me?

I think outdoor mean to me is that, how to be survive in the nature how to track how to fine foods. Outdoor is a long way tracking of wonder about something so we walk until we reach our point and understand or we can see what is that place ls

  • How can I share what I’ve learn from Outdoor to change Cambodia.

I think I can tell other people about new place in cambodia that they don’t know before and make them interested about it so in there free time they might go to that place and visite there. That what I can do but food they might already have there food or pot, they don’t use bamboo or the nature thing asle, also they won’t be tracking that long way, I think I can not convince to be tracking to the place that they are interested, they might use there car or moto.

Learning new new and try to understand more things.

Helping people and try to learn new thing by my own.

This is how we share food to survive in nature.

Surviver skill in nature


We’re also did a lot more fun thig in nature.