Math Round 5

 So in my round 5 class, I have learned a lot of amazing stuff that related to math, I had learned about Integers and Negative Numbers, speed, Integers, and negative numbers, Coordinate Graphs, and there is more cool stuff that we had learning about also it was wonderful and I feel really comfortable to learning all of those lessons. I would like to pink a lesson that I’m really like to explain to you’ll that is speed Speed is defined as DISTANCE per TIME. It is a special type of rate that tells us how ‘fast’ something is going. We see it written like this: km/hr, mph, m/s, also there are some practice and example about speed to let you’ll try if you want to try.

Car traveled




Math Round 4


                 In my math class I been learn math with a lot of things as some of you all did that too, in math we have learned , Fraction, Angle, Estimation, Percentage and more staff as you all know that, but now in my math round 4 we been learning a lot of stuff but one thing I like to learn more about is Angle, Angle is very interested for me and also it kind of hard to learn in some part and it also kind of easy to study to, but i’m still like it, I enjoy learn with Angle very much, and as I know that when we study about angle we have 4 rule one is Complementary angles, vertically opposite angles, and supplementary angle, the other rule is just in general so I don’t talk about it.

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Math Round 3

So welcome again  I am Pisal 14-year-olds studying in the liger leadership academy. So today I’m gonna tell everyone to know about my math subject that I was studying now a day. My math class now have learned the thing that I was really like about it, it was Decimal, Decimal is one of the favorite subjects that I had before and every day we were trying to study how to make Fraction to be a Decimal number also we were trying to study about Decimal + – x and division, Decimal we not really hard for us to study but there are some more point about Decimal that we never know also. More than we were studying Decimal in class we also have a workbook to study with our free time or we can do our homework in the workbook also beside workbooks we also have textbooks to work on with Decimal or other things with math also in our class.

Math Round 2

Hi I hope you all know that I’m Pisal 14 years old studying in Liger leadership academy. So in my math class I were studying about math wich we doing about + – * we also studying about fraction and fraction is the one of the bed subject for me cause I’m not really good ad fraction and I always try to study more with fraction in my class with my friends. Also we were study about shape , area and square ,rectangle, triangle perimeter geometry parallelogram and more of stuff that related to math just like Algebra I also have one fact about Algebra is that there so many students that are my friend they don’t really know how to do Algebra include me to I don’t know to do it but what I do I ask my teacher and my friend that they know how to do it. And now in this third years I have something to do which is Code.organd is doing about math and if you want to know you can try it than you can know how fun is it Thank you for reading.

Teacher sam U.S.A Math Teacher.

Math Round 1

Math Learning

In my math class I learn math yes as you all do that . Also we were learning about the math like Comment factor Comment multiplies Fraction rounded number and  that what we learn in math class and we also have a workbook which is Math workbook 5A to do homework that the teacher told us to do like Fraction is the homework so i have to finish it in the do date if no I won’t get full score of it I just get half score and I still have to finish the homework . Also we work in class to study math together about other thing that are related in math and we also have to study Math in there and there also so many work to do there to and more thing.

Samady : Teacher  From U.S.A Math Teaching.

This is my Math workbook 5A.