Stem Round 4



So my round 4 exploration I have Engineering with the teacher name Jacob, and been working on this project for 7 weeks to studying watcher how engineering are work, also there are many type of engineering that we have studying and we know about there are Civil engineering, Chemical,Electrical/electronics,Mechanical,management engineering and there are more engineering type that we have learn. We also have learn what are important about engineering, and one thing we know very well is that engineering people are for solving the problem that people have with there building structure. More than that we had know that be for design thing or made thing we need to think about what the people will need so when we build people will buy our product, but when we make our product, we can’t just sell it cause we didn’t really know that does our product is working not or does our product woking well so we have to destroy our first prototype to know does our prototype work or not and we can find the problem why it does not work and after we find problem we can make it again and it could be stronger and better than first time.


I also had make some of my product too, I my team name it a wheeler.


Essential Round 4

We been learn about (How do we get happiness) we been learning, reading, watching video and do a lot of thing to study about how do we get happiness and also we been learning about Can money buy happiness.  We been learn and question Can money buy happiness and form my own opinion I think money can buy happiness if you spend that money in the right way. Also most people in the world everyday they are working for there’re family they work for money so if they get height incoming that can have money to help there family and they can also be happy to but the thing that they need everyday life. Mover over than studying about happiness we were also learn about the poem, we learn how to read how to understand how to write poem, and I also had made some people too but it does look really good and it does not have much meaning in it to.




Death is like the wind alway be try hard, so let be smart do what other will not, and if your life have not change mean you fail, fail is not only today it could maybe tomorrow so do thing you need to do before it too late and also be try hard, and try hard not only today you could alway try hard tomorrow so don’t fail again, fail doesn’t define anyone, but if you want try to vest your time, and if you fail don’t don’t be cream and don’t just make dream, you have to do it.


Khmer Essential


Khmer Round 4

                      So my round 4 Khmer essential I have been learning a lot of thing that related to Cambodia history, we been learn how to make poem, we been learn about khmer grammar, we are also learning about Cambodian land from the past until now. So as you know that I been learning all those and more thing that I learn and one thing I want to tell everyone is that every class you learn (The more you read the more you can know thing better) so I also been reading a lot of Khmer book and stuff like that, but one thing I like to study about in Khmer class is learning about Cambodian History, and I have some imformaiton that related to that too here you can check it out

And if you have any question about what i’m learn everyday you can also ask me be comment!

Math Round 4

                 In my math class I been learn math with a lot of things as some of you all did that too, in math we have learned , Fraction, Angle, Estimation, Percentage and more staff as you all know that, but now in my math round 4 we been learning a lot of stuff but one thing I like to learn more about is Angle, Angle is very interested for me and also it kind of hard to learn in some part and it also kind of easy to study to, but i’m still like it, I enjoy learn with Angle very much, and as I know that when we study about angle we have 4 rule one is Complementary angles, vertically opposite angles, and supplementary angle, the other rule is just in general so I don’t talk about it.

If you have any question please ask me by commenting!



So in my stem class round 4 we have learn a lots of think but, one think that we learn and I really interested is, motion we learn motion and we try to do a lots of stuff that related to motion, and I can give you some more information that related to motion, so motion we learn about how fast thing can go, and we learn that how much time that we use to to drive from one destination to the other destination, more than what we learn we also has make one small car each in a small group wich that car make from a battles, battles caps, straws and balloon, After we make that car, every group have to come together and race that car to see how fast it go and how much time does it spend to take from one destination to the others. Yeah, we also learn a lot of thing more but motion is what I really like and I chose to speak about it.


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