English Lateracy-Year 4-Round 1

So in my English literacy, this year and this round were very fun and we have learned a lot of things in class, we were doing, a lot of discussion team working and more stuff. But this round we’re more likely to be focusing on refugee, we been studying about refugee and Vietnamese and many other countries after learning a lot of that thing we each had written one poem by themself, most of poems were really good, and this is what I did so far.


Hi! My name is Aekyuh.

I was born in Afghanistan in the country full of war.

We live in Kandahar, a 

village in Afghanistan in the south of the country.

I have 21 older brothers his name is Kan.


My house is not very beautiful but not bad as well.

There Are armys around our house to cover and protect sunlight.

In one of those I have grown it by myself that 

it was inspired by my mom to do it.

The coconut tree is my favorite fruit.

I love the sweet of it meat and water.


Every year that my coconut is grown once, 

when I want to eat the coconut Brother Kan  always climb

 the coconut tree and grab some coconut f and we would enjoy

It is our family.


Brother Kan is a person who likes to hide and climb, 

every morning I wake up I have to go and find my shoes,

If I can’t find it he will show where it is 

but I have a huge him before he goes to school.


Now I’m 8 I’m studying in grade 2 the school 

It is about 1 kilometer far from my home.

The school starts from 8:00 to 11:30.

After brother Kan end class he would come 

and take me from school as we finish school 

at the same time.


As living in a peaceful family but now war getting bigger and bigger

Between my country and

Turkmenistan As my family hear 

a lot from the government that  our country is now

 needed more men to be a soldier so we can help the country to the agent as

Now the other country is really strong.


2 weeks latter government send a truck to collect 

man in the family to train and intent the war

My father is one of those.


For this 2 mount, I and my brothers

 stop going to school as 

War is bothering us. 


For this 2 month, we haven’t seen our father again

And we got a message from him at night says

“ Dear Ashe And My Lovely Child As I Have Train For 2 Month,

Now I Have To Go and Join War To Fight And Help our Country, 

I’ll Be Back Soon After War End, Scene This Is The Last

 And Biggest War That Lasts for 3 Month”. 

After reading, everyone froze and sit still, 

A few second letters my mom tells us to go and sleep.


Morning comes as simple I and my Brother 

don’t go to school and war is happening.

2 or 3weeks  no one in the family would 

talk about father again and we don’t know 

What had happened to him yet, everyone

 hoped he would come home As soon as possible.


Now today is the 10th day of the 2 weeks biggest war, the 

Turkmenistan has taken over Kubal the capital city in the

 middle of the country, our province is a border with the city,

It’s is now over, I can’t hear anything escape people are running and screaming! “Competitor, Competitor”.

I don’t know what position I am in, I can only see my mother sitting and my brothers stand around there and their body full of blood my mom crying and say Eakyuh, Eakyuh wakes up. 

Nothing more I can hear, my eyes were closed.


The End


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